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Once upon a time, sent showed up as samesies.

I sing in my church’s choir. I’m hardly the greatest vocalist in the world (or even in the group) but I can hold my own, and singing in the choir lets me achieve my real goal: hanging out with the hubs and our friends. Frankly, we could swap out the lyric sheets for chips and salsa and I’d still have a good time.

As much fun as choir can be, my favorite part of the gig is how our music director lets me play with color! Since we don’t wear robes (hipsters clearly don’t wear robes), people were planning to show up in whatever inspired them (or was clean) and...well... that didn’t make my designer’s heart soar.

It didn’t make my friend’s heart sing either, and since she is the music director, we planned a color story for the year – focusing on the church’s brand colors and highlighting each season’s hues. This was a great solution for our choir because we don’t sing each week and the exact same group of people might not be present every time. Here’s a look at our first color palette, for Easter:

Easter Service - Choir Color Palette

(Style images were sourced from Google Image searches.)

You can see how I built neutrals and spring-ish colors around the off-blue in the center. That’s our church’s main brand color. Throughout the year, we’ll add additional colors from the church brand guide. In addition to the color’s themselves, I added “style starters” to give people ideas for how to layer color while avoiding patterns (patterns = not cool for cameras).

The first choir rehearsal that I rolled up with a color palette was exciting. I’m not saying there was nary a naysayer but overall people really jumped on board. They asked questions, sent texts, and brought outfits for consideration. My friend and I were so appreciative of how hard everyone worked to adhere to the color palette. Here’s a look at all of us together...don’t we look spiffy?

The praise team, band, and choir singing away.

(Note the hubs in the glasses!)

I’m happy to report that at our very next choir rehearsal I walked into a room of friends asking me for the next color palette. Do you think I could convince them we should coordinate a palette for rehearsals, too?

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