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Once upon a time, I was a hipster.

Not really. If you know me at all, you know I’m more geek than hipster, and probably more goof than geek, but none the less (a decidedly non-hipster phrase), I’m claiming the title because I got into podcasts. There is nothing more hipster than a podcast.

I know podcasts have been around for so long they are practically main stream but I didn’t have much “listening” time free in my schedule. I tend to dialogue with colleagues at work...checking a design, answering a project question, discussing cute shoes (important stuff!), I ride-share to work with the hubs (go green!), and I am an avid reader so bed time was filled with the written word rather than an audio file.

However, I like some people who produce podcasts. I like their books, their tweets, their thoughts. So, I decided the best way to get in touch with me inner hipster-ness and dive into podcasts was to create a listening system. I reviewed podcast options, selected a few to try, and planned a calendar (also decidedly not hipster) with reminders to click play.

Here are a few podcasts I’m jamming on (hipster term!) these days:

Considered, “the first and longest running podcast about design,” (Wikipedia) houses over 250 interviews that average 45 minutes from a wide range of personalities. Industry celebrities like Malcom Gladwell, Steven Heller, and Massimo Vignelli lesser known other change agents and thinkers. Debbie is superb in her role, always prepared, never flustered, rarely fangirling...and uniquely personable.

A show about the stuff we don’t tend to think about...but should! Topics span from giant architecture to tiny products – all with a focus on its design. They have a plethora of episodes and a handy guide in their FAQ area to help you dive in to their library.

If you don’t know Donald need to stop reading this post and school yourself immediately! A prolific writer, branding workshop genius, and marketing darling Donald understands the art of story like no other. He interviews entrepreneurs, celebrities, and other notables, always relating the subject back to building your own strong brand story.

Personal podcast alert! Jamie’s podcast is like chatting with a friend over coffee. She touches on all of life’s subject matter from lighthearted shopping fun to deeply thought-provoking fodder like surviving grief and championing justice.

This podcast might not make you a brilliant marketer or designer, but it will help you refine your solution-based thought process as it delves into how stuff works...from macro to micro and every odd ball topic you’ve never thought to explore until now.

Another personal, not professional suggestion...Lead Stories – Tales of Leadership and Life is the flagship in a series of podcasts, aiming to encourage, equip, and empower women leaders. Jo Saxton and her friend Pastor Stephanie share lessons on leadership in the same breath as thoughts about television viewing and proper snacking. Bonus: they include written discussion questions in each podcast episode!

Fellow Official Podcast Hipsters, what podcasts am I missing out on by not listening to them?

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