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Once upon a time, I zen-ed out...chapter two.

Oh yes...12 weeks. 12 tiles. No design plan. I survived to tell the first tale.

Here’s this week’s completed tangle:

After last week’s challenge to stop thinking about layout and find the zen in each stroke, I was determined to do more molecular thinking this week. I still found myself imagining or researching patters with repetitive shapes so there was a sense of cohesion and I am still challenged with this single-weight pen situation. Who made this rule?

Looking at this detail thumbnail, you can see that some of my small strokes became more like sketch marks, which is my usual jam...but I worked on being more precise in my patterning...drawing each line with intention rather than scribbling in a back and forth motion. I blame the single-weight pen. There's no reason to do so, but I do. Indulge me.

Of course, I do still see a million things I’d love to change in the composition and my attempt at moving zig zag mocks me, but I think I’m finding joy in filling each compartmented space instead of the entire tile...that’s progress, right?

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