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Once upon a time, I zen-ed out...chapter four.

Zentangling feels much like a tango in that it's two-steps forward, one-step back, and an occasional side-step!

Dear Reader...I give you this past week's tangle:

A ZenTangle Tile

Do you remember how, last week, I declared I was finding my groove? Well, call me Stella because I need to get mine back. I decided I wanted to play with the juxtaposition of shape matching hard angles against soft curves this week, but things went awry early on as I didn't plot out my initial thread well, leaving my counters uneven.

I also made the rookie mistake of continually turning my card in the final stage: shading. As you probably already know, shading is meant to help the viewer understand depth...what element is on top of another, etc. It needs a consistent light-source to be effective - so you shouldn't see pronounced shade marks to the left of one item and then to the right of another. You can see in my tangle above that I got lost in all those turns of the tile and now have an interesting melee of layers and light. Oops!

Poor Reader, I must confess: I didn't want to post this tangle, but I made a promise of 12 weeks, 12 tangles and 1 designer attempting to learn a new art form. In the end, this tangle does service its purpose, teaching me to remember my skills and training, even when exploring new methods.


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