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Once upon a time, I zen-ed out...chapter five.

You know the problem with middles? They’re very middle-y. Think about it...from The Matrix to The Godfather...midpoint episodes in any serial story are mostly meant to get everyone from one big splashy showdown to the bigger, flashier one. Not once has a friend mentioned how they can’t wait to re-watch The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. You know why? Because it's the middle one.

I am striving to avoid any such middle-ness in my 12-week Zentangle challenge but here we are...tangle number 5:

From my first four tangle exercises, I have amassed quite the array of thoughts to chant through as I tangle: think shape – not layout, complete each stroke as its own journey, and don’t turn the light with the tile! It’s crowded inside my head.

New this week: Because the official Zentangle method (which I am trying SO hard to adhere to for these initial 12 tiles) calls for the tangler to create the counters in a single thread, never picking up the pencil once you start to draw out the negative spaces I have found I’m awfully reliant upon the oval shape that can gracefully fill a tile. So, I have decided this will be my next challenge: break free of the oval!

Check back next week when it's hip to be square!

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