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Once upon a time, we made t-shirts!

My friend, Rachael, whom I have blogged about before, is headed to Scotland as part of a women-led artist mission. She and her tribe will coordinate ministry opportunities between our countries and set aside time to write worship songs. It’s really cool to think how someone in Ohio might sing a song Rachael wrote while she’s there...and maybe we’ll sing a song at our church that a woman from Kentucky wrote while sitting on the side of a Scottish cliff. Life can be cool like that.

To help Rachael raise funds for her adventure, I offered to design a shirt for her to sell...and then the whole women-in-leadership campaign sorta took on a life of its own!

Because Rachael is a female worship leader, going with a group of females, we loved the idea of celebrating the arts while cheering for women in leadership, so you can see our first design tied these two things together in a shirt that, I think, artists of many disciplines would wear:

That’s when it all started to husband, and her husband, and then one of our (male) best friends wanted to sport a shirt in support of the trip and, while they were all awesome enough to be willing to wear this first design, we wanted to give them something just for them.

So, we created this shirt:

Once ideas start know how it goes. We’re thinking about maybe producing a final shirt to release after the sales for the first two shirts end (consider this your sneak peek!). Here’s a look at our unisex shirt idea:

Designing shirts is always fun because you must think about each screen and how the colors will layer. Designing shirts for a dear friend who is chasing her calling and doing wild, adventurous things? That’s a gift.

If you’d like to order a shirt, or support Rachael, you can do so, too!

(Shirts must be ordered by July 31, 2017)

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