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Once upon a time, I zen-ed out...chapter ten.

Here we are in the double-digits. I've learned much about my tangling habits so far, and have decided to revisit some of my swoopier threads from early on. Swoopier is a too. I said so.

For those following the great nib-weight experiment of '17, I'm happy to report I've also returned to my .03 Pigma Pen to fill in my swoopier thread.

I like this piece. I appreciate the starkness I was able to achieve...and I still have a few things I wish I'd done differently, but overall I think I applied most of the official principles and still gave it a bit of that AmyJ Designs flare. I enjoyed mixing round and square shapes together and even trying a new pattern or two, too.

Tune in next week for my next to last tile in this Zentangle Tile Challenge!

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