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Once upon a time, I zen-ed out...chapter eleven.

Hello Dear Reader - welcome to tile number eleven:

.03 nib weight swoops at full-force! This one may be one of my favorite tiles so far. I liked matching so manny similar patters together and repeating some of them to create an actual layout concept. I also enjoyed simple shading (I don't think I screwed up my lighting direction this time!) and the liveliness of the finished piece.

I've been sort of looking forward to the end of this official challenge for several (previously noted) reasons, the least of which being not having to figure out what to share about each tile's learning process. Now that we have one tile left, I feel differently. How will I manage to create a single tile that will show the culmination of these lessons? How will I fit in all I want to say? This could prove challenging, indeed.

One more week. One more tile. Oh boy!

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