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Once upon a time, Amy had a birthday.

Let’s get this out of the way....

I am Amy. I am not having a birthday right now. I have lots of Amy’s who are all so super special and one of my absolute FAVORITE Amy’s IS having a birthday.

Just a few weeks ago, my friend Rae had a birthday and I celebrated her on my blog. Well, now her BFF is having a birthday so I knew I had to interview myself again to share the joy that is Amy Brown.

Interviewer Me: So, how did you meet Amy?

Blogging Me: I can’t pinpoint the first moment I met Amy. It’s very possible I met her at an audition or in a lobby, but I’ve known her through Rae and of her fabulousness for years! I can say that from the first time we really chatted I knew we were meant to be friends. She has a warmth that just sort of welcomed me.

Interviewer Me: She sounds cool. Tell me about what you love about this Amy?

Blogging Me: Amy and I have shared some personal journeys and she’s never faltered in her grace along the way. She’s also hilarious and fierce! I love that she makes sure our group celebrates life...she’s always handing me some card or prize to remind me of a national fill-in-the-blank day of awesomeness. Her fashion is flawless and effortless...I want to be her shoe closet when I grow up. Her heart is determined and loyal.

Interviewer Me: Do you have a favorite Amy-anecdote?

Blogging Me: Choosing a single story about my friends is too hard...who wrote this question? I’ve got lots of fun memories with Amy that I take out and smile through sometimes but this one makes my heart fill with love every time I remember it: When my Dad died a few years ago, we decided to hold a reception in our home after the service. We decided to hold a reception in my home...which I had not stepped foot in over a home where my full-time-working/rehearsing/caring for me BFF, our exchange student and two puppies were currently residing. That’s quite a gulp of a thought...but Amy somehow showed up at the funeral, then raced to my house (an hour away), tossed her hair up and grabbed a dust rag. I walked into a sparkling home already filled with Amy and several other heart friends setting up a buffet that they’d organized. That kind of friendship isn’t an everyday find. I’m keeping her.

Interviewer Me: If you could tell Amy one thing on her birthday, what would it be?

Blogging Me: I love you, Amy. I love how much you care, how fun you make my days, and how intentionally you love each of us in our group. I love watching you rock Amy-hood; you make our name proud.


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