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Once upon a time, I blogged about a blog.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably already heard about Glennon Doyle. Author of Carry On Warrior and Love Warrior, decorated blogger, public speaker (Glennon: Hello, Oprah...of course I’ll come speak at Super Soul Sunday.), and activist, she’s been sharing insights and stories for years on her blog.

Her words ring as authentic truth to know there is a difference there, right? Truth, I can find in lots of places...authenticity? Not as often. To find these two traits in one sassy package? A gift. (Thank you, G!)

Earlier this year one of her blog posts echoed inside my designer’s soul in a special way. It resonated so deeply that highlights of it made their way to a pos-tit note stuck on my computer as a constant reminder. (This equals high praise in my world. Post-it notes are messy and must be used sparingly for impact.) I needed her reminders nearby to cut through life's cluttery noise and remind me of The Rules.

Now, I like rules. I know that’s odd to find in a creative, but I’m an odd creative – I like organization, strategy, and a plan. (I do not like math.) I love to push against these boundaries or turn the box upside down to see things differently, but I find I can do this much more effectively with a foundation of understanding. So, to be given The Rules from someone who writes authentic truth was a journal-worthy day.

Glennon’s rules are glorious. Written in response to a fan who was asking how to defend her own art, Glennon outlined our job as creators: Create. Call it good. Rest.

She says lots more amazing things about The Rules, outlining the process of creativity and showing us how God himself designed this model. You should check out all her words on The Rules.

Get your post-it note ready!

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