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Once upon a time, I dared to hope.

Well Reader, get ready to laugh at me now. As my dear friend, Cody has so eloquently stated, I recently wrote an essay to request more homework. Voluntarily. Giddily, truth be told. Throw your shade now, I don't care. My free time is what I make of it, and I wanted the work.

More accurately, I wanted to be part of a real-live book launch team. Perhaps you’ve noticed by now how much I love to read, the art of story, the written word. Heaven is a leather couch in a bookstore with never-ending sweetened iced coffee and free wifi; I’m convinced! So, as I’ve done before, I jumped at the chance to help launch a book of a favored author.

Previous attempts (and there have been several) have landed me in the “almost” zone where I received a few free chapters and access to the Facebook Group where “official” members doled out literary tidbits to us commoners. But this time? This time I was in! (I bet you never knew how cut-throat the world of extra homework can be. Trust me, Dear Reader, it is.)

The book I get to help launch is called Daring To Hope by Katie Davis Majors and I’m a big fan of her first book, Kisses from Katie. I promise a full report once I’ve read her new missive cover-to-cover. I’ve gotten a little sneak peek (via the super official Launch Team Facebook Group) of the first chapter and I can already feel my heart embracing each page. I can’t wait to dive in, but for now I leave you with a quote from Katie’s first book to tide you over until I can report further.

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