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Once upon a time, I launched into something.

It’s no secret I love to nightstand is piled high with books in testament to my passion. Some might even say I have too many books, but I don’t listen to the haters (you know who you are). As previously reported, I requested and was admitted to Katie Davis Majors's book launch team and I’ve loved every minute!

Our Facebook Launch Group was filled with amazing women, each with unique and special stories. Some were missionaries or adoption gurus, some were ministry leaders, some of us were just regular ol’ people - some young, some old; all of us were excited to cheer for someone who wrote down the echoing of our hearts. For the past few weeks, we’ve shared our stories and called out book highlights to each other. We’ve prayed for each other, we’ve laughed a bit, and we’ve learned about hope together.

Now, about the book itself. To quote my awesome friend, Rachael, this book messed with me. Katie’s words assaulted my small ideas about hope and encouraged me to look at the notion from a deeper place. Here are just a few of her statements I pulled from the book to promote Daring To Hope (feel free to save and share!):

Now that I’ve finished my advanced reader copy, I’ve written a review I invite you to read, but here’s a summary in one word: YES.

Yes, you need this book.

Yes, Katie is gut-wrenchingly honest and transparent.

Yes, her insights are founded in scripture and applicable to your life.

Yes, you will want to move to Africa and adopt all the people.

Yes, yes, yes.

You can preorder a copy now and the book officially launches October 3rd.

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