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Once upon a time, Rachael had a birthday!

September turned out to be a bit of a birthday-blog dearth, but October brings a number of celebrations, including my dear friend Rachael, who's birthday is Sunday! If you’re a frequent reader here, she’s no stranger to you.

She’s also our worship pastor, an incredible mom to three of the most adorable kids you’ve ever met, and a true kindred spirit. (Yes, we do both love Anne of Green Gables, thank you very much.)

So, without further’s my interview with myself about Rachael, for her birthday.

Interviewer Me: So, how did you meet Rachael?

Blogging Me: She showed up at church with her husband and babies and we decided they belonged to us. In truth, our beloved music pastors and friends moved away to plant a church in NYC and we weren’t too sure about newbies but goodness, Rachael and Jason instantly felt like life-long friends. I can’t believe I didn’t know her just a few years ago.

Interviewer Me: She sounds cool. Tell me what you love about this Rachael?

Blogging Me: Rachael is like sunshine. You just want to adventure with her and I love that we get to dream together. We also share a healthy passion for Jesus, author/leaders: Jo Saxton and Sarah Bessey, dessert, and coffee...especially if these combine into a dreaming adventure. Rachael is brave and true and loyal and lovely...I don’t know how anyone could ever NOT love her.

Interviewer Me: Do you have a favorite Rachael-anecdote?

Blogging Me: I’ve loved lots of our adventures, especially those involving color palettes and fundraising shirts...but to pick a single, favorite anecdote? Too hard. Basically, any convo about cake, cookies, ice cream, or coffee...those are my favorite moments. Here’s why: from treats, we’ll leap over to talk about a new podcast or book we’re sharing, then we’ll talk about something one of our favorite Jesus-gal’s just posted, next we’ll swap Netflix picks with emoji reviews, and then back to something really deep and authentic from our faith journey. All of this occurs over text, mind you...because: life!

Seriously, one of my favorite things about Rachael is her heart. Yes, she's just as basic as me...we love to wear our Kendra Scott while we shop in Target, sipping our Starbucks latte...but there is a fervency about her that reveals an intentional soul. She’s open about her journey, quick to encourage you in yours, and always asks how she can root for you.

Interviewer Me: If you could tell Rachael one thing on her birthday, what would it be?

Blogging Me: I love you, Rachael! I love chasing God-sized dreams with our families. I love how you lead in everything from worship to life and I’m so incredibly proud to know you. Keep going, Friend. These are some crazy years but they will be the foundation of an incredible future that I can’t even imagine (but I am counting on getting to experience with you!). Happy birthday! (purple heart emoji, cake emoji, star emoji).

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