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Once upon a time, as the story goes.

We’ve spent the last few Mondays studying what makes this thing called "story" so magical while highlighting a few story specialists. Check out the list below for even more story-related fodder.

Spoiler alert: this is by no means meat to be an exhaustive list. Instead, it should inspire you to learn even more. My hope is that it is your jumping-off platform. You're just one short Google-session away from dropping down a deep rabbit hole. Don't blame me if you soon find yourself three-days into Ted Talk videos, but you're welcome for your new passion for the art and science of story.

Technology and Storytelling (Article)

Whether you want to study story structure, develop your story-telling skills, or just want to deepen pool of story resources, I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick look at what makes up “story.” It’s undeniable that we, as humans, are drawn to stories. We love them. We relate to them, we learn from them; they remind us of our humanity even as they spin webs of far-away places and lives un-lived.

Statistics are compelling, images hold their own might power, but if you ever want to grab my full attention, I suggest you start with, “Once upon a time...”

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