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Once upon a perfect day.

I’m on vacation right now, celebrating a new decade of life, with a convertible and the winding roads of the Amish country. For months, I’ve dreamed of the covered bridge tours and inns I’ll encounter this week, and my precious Rae has sent gifs of Grace Kelly driving along in To Catch a Thief to tide me over until I arrived in Pennsylvania.

Here it is, for reference (and so you can also imagine me thusly...though in real life, I'm sure I'm wearing a ball cap, shades, leggings and a pony tail. But let's not worry about the details, let's get behind this Grace Kelly vision!)

This little getaway adventure made me pause and consider what a perfect day might look like to me. So far, I’ve decided it would include a lazy morning with crisp fall breezes and coffee. Perhaps it would feature piano music as a backdrop to some time spent in the Psalms, or maybe just the ocean waves that would later give way to pleasure reading, delicious food, and deep-diving friend time with my people. I’d love to spend it dreaming and then doing. I’m sure cute shoes would be involved and hubby/puppy snuggles under my favorite quilt, handmade by my Granny, would wrap up a day I knew I hadn’t wasted, but instead, savored.

What would your perfect day look like?

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