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Once upon a fall.

The mornings are just starting to feel crisp, here in sweltering north Dallas, but I'll take it. Every year, around mid-September, I begin to envision my near(ish) future. It's one filled with riding boots, snuggly sweaters, and hand-warming beverages. For weeks, sometimes months, I'm faced with the reality of flip-flops, tank tops and iced tea, but that never stops my mind from longing for that quintessential fall feeling.

For me, the autumnal season ushers in pumpkin-filled porches, hot chocolate dates, and visions of hayrides. I don't actually ride the dead grass bundles anymore but I do dedicate myself fully to all other festive ventures that welcome cooler mornings and warm holidays. I love fall, and not just because it includes my birthday (as I'm frequently asked). The whole season just feels like a slowing down...a pause of the crazy...a return to simple.

When I look at my calendar, I can see this is yet another fall myth but no matter how many adventures I pile on, I still feel the magic of the turning leaves...transforming our world, reminding me nothing lasts forever, not even summer. Perhaps this is why God designed fall. I like His work.

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