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Once upon a designer's wish list...

Tis the season...

I hear designers can be hard to shop for, though I have no idea how this can be true. I have a treasure trove of ideas and gift lists any designer would love.

Since it's the holiday season, I thought you might like to see a highlights reel of gift ideas so you may begin planning your purchases right you know, sharing is caring.

I care. Deeply. Enough to include links. That's love. To the list!

Truthfully, there are many ampersand-related products and it’s a good bet your favorite designer longs for all of them. Why do we love the ampersand so much? Well, we just do. Plus, this one comes ready for snacking!

I told you about graphic designers and ampersands...let them declare their love with this sassy tee in a subtle way. It features a bonus hidden design element and designers love the art of surprise!

If you have a designer in your life, you probably can't count the time you've lost to their poetic waxing over geometric sans versus industrial serifs. You know they abhor comic sans for its lack of glyphs and you know they’ll drool over an elegant brush script. Give them all this and more with this beautiful library. Just, you know, plan to give it to them as you leave.

Designers do love letterpress and collections and color...I digress. Surprise them with a subscription to this letter press card delivery. I’ve received one several years ago and I still count it among my most prized gifts, ever!

From a mobile app to a set of swatches and even a capturing tool, you’ll never go wrong with a Pantone anything for your design friend. If the tools are too pricey, consider a holiday ornament or water bottle instead!

Slightly less subtle than the ampersand apparel, this clever shirt offers just the right amount of sass...but be warned, most designers would struggle with some of these design elements. However, with just a quick google, you CAN find some fun apparel your designer will love.

This Book Is A Planetarium: And Other Extraordinary Pop-Up Contraptions Billed as pop-up extravaganza, this book defies what you could imagine with paper. I have a soft spot in my heart for pop-up art as it was a major component to master's thesis project, but even if your designer hasn't directly studied the art-form, they'll love the design magic found within these pages.

Unique and hand-drawn, this collection of notecards allows your designer to study the history of each type’s origin. You might even get a thank-you card from this for this thoughtful gift. Just probably not one of these cards because a designer will never part with one. Trust me.

See above...only more modern! Yes, I know I broke alpha order for this option. It was a design choice.

Maybe your designer is living the high life with an iPad pro and fancy stylus...but if not, consider this light and clever pen/pad tool, allowing them to digitize their hand work in just a few strokes and clicks. There are several choices, but for a serious designer, the Wacom Intuos Pro is the way to go.

So, there you have it. From a few dollars to make-it-rain any designer would love this holiday season!

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