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Once upon a new year plan.

There’s just something about a new year. Whether inspired by the turning of the seasons or the calendar page, the closing of one year and awakening of another tends to draw our thoughts inward. We make resolutions, we set new goals, we may even choose a “word” for our year...a recent modernization of an old habit.

For the past few years, I’ve practiced something different than the traditional New Year’s Resolution project – though I have also selected a word for my year because I’m hip like that – am too. Stop laughing. Anyway, it all started when a design comrade emailed a group of us a tool that allowed us to avoid making too many resolutions or goals we wouldn’t be able to attain. Instead, we looked back at what we’d experienced and accomplished in the past year and then set our intentions on what we’d like to experience and accomplish in the next year.

I know this sounds incredibly basic...and it is. But when did basic get such a bad rap? What I found so intriguing about the project was how random the questions felt but they turned out to be great catalysts for intention. So, after a year or two of spending time in prayer and ponderance over her questions...I googled lists and ideas and goal starter questions to personalize my project. I know... Googling and a word of the year...however did I become so modern and with it? (I think by calling this out, I’ve lost all my hipster points. Oh well...easy come, easy go.)

Continuing on...back to the project. Having used my hodgepodge list for a bit now, I thought I might share it with you in this free download. I’ve intentionally created small spaces so you can’t go overboard with a thousand have to choose and edit them, just like life.

I’ve also been careful not to offer detailed instructions because I want you to answer the questions and sentence starters in a way that feels natural to you. Maybe you like bullets or a single statement...maybe you’ll prefer a series of phrases, or maybe you’ll want to draw an image or select a single word for your answers. Maybe you’ll do something different for every blank (which terrifies my un-hip, must-be-organized brain, but you do you...)

The point of this exercise is to prioritize you for just a step out of your life and look what happened in your previous year. From there, assess things...a recap if you will to find your themes and lessons. Then, look ahead and refocus on what you want to experience and accomplish in the new year.

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