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Once upon a door decor...showered with flowers!

I like spring.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore fall. Fall makes my heart skip a beat and the mere sight of a pumpkin can send me rushing home to don an oversized sweater. Fall warms my soul. But, spring....well, it’s better than summer! (Perhaps I should become the slogan girl for seasons?)

While it’s no fall, I’ll take spring because it welcomes some of my favorite flowers for a brief appearance before those sweltering days of summer's bleh hit and, this year, I’m celebrating those early flowers with a new door display. Pinterest inspired me and I’m happy to say it did not fail in execution. (This may be directly related to the involvement of my magical husband aka the Jackson house's designated grown up.)

Here are the simple preparations we took to ensure door decoration delight.

  1. Find an inexpensive but cute umbrella – key: curved, wooden handle.

  2. Purchase spring flowers – key: varied-hue stems are your bestie for this.

  3. Drag out ribbon from a messy craft room and snip off a bit – key: think accent color!

  4. Don’t take down or pack away  your Christmas wreath door hook – key: allow it to stare at your for a few weeks as extra motivation.

Time To Assemble:

  1. Unlatch umbrella.

  2. Artfully tuck in spring flowers – more is more here. 

  3. Tie a jaunty bow and hang from the empty wreath hook.

Now, we live in a shopping mecca, but I am not ashamed to have secured our umbrella from Amazon. Here’s an example:

Then, we stumbled across the perfect blooms in Oklahoma. Yes, that’s right...we drove away from Dallas to small-town Oklahoma and came home with our florals. Here’s something similar to what we selected.

Notice how the varied hues are all available in one stem? That’s a win! Ready to see the results? Here is our beautiful spring door décor:

The real bonus here is that nothing is glued, sewn, or stuck. Every item can be separated, stored and brought back out again next spring...after an appropriately decorated and celebrated fall!

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