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Once upon a birthday, Maranda's edition.

Darling Readers, can you believe it’s once again time to celebrate a friend’s birthday? I must confess, I scrolled back through to find my interview questions (because I am a principled journalist who would never just make up new questions for such an auspicious series) to discover I have not celebrated a friend’s birthday since January. JANUARY! I’ve missed so many...which should ensure this specific blog series never ends.

Unless I get distracted.

Or forget.

But let’s not dwell. Today, I get to tell you about one of my absolute FAVORITE people on the planet. I’ve known this one for a decade (let’s not do that math, m’kay?) and have seen her shine in so many ways. She may have started as a theatre friend but she’s become a soul sister. I can’t wait to interview myself about Maranda Harrison Wensits!

Interviewer Me: So, how did you meet Maranda?

Blogging Me: Well, it’s complicated. I actually met Maranda when she auditioned for a production of Singin’ In The Rain but it’s possible I maybe, sorta, kinda recruited her from our alma matter. I promise no fishy casting occurred...I had just been scouting for possible participants and used our shared connections to, ah...”encourage” her attendance!

Interviewer Me: She sounds cool. Tell me about what you love about this Maranda?

Blogging Me: For a decent amount of time, I considered Maranda to be a great theatre buddy, a friend to cheer on in life, and a darn-good performer to watch. I cast her whenever possible, saw her shows when I could, and recommended her at every turn. There was even one magical little moment where I was able to share the stage with her - she remains one of the most fun parts of that project. I also long ago entrusted my hair to her and have been grateful ever since. You cannot imagine all the nuances of talent this friend embodies.

BUT...there’s more.

Somewhere along the way, while celebrating our shared love of the FRIENDS tv series and coffee, we discovered we also both loved a real and present Jesus. We dove in deep and never looked back. No matter if she’s physically near or far, Maranda has been an incredible well of faith for me and I hope I’ve been the same for her. I’ve adored her talents and her kindness in equal measure since that first day, but our texts and talks about Jesus, His work in our lives, the questions we wrestle, the passion to follow Him in a tangible way...this is how she cemented herself in my life as a confidant and a beloved VIP member of my small tribe. I can’t let her go now. She’s a lifer.

PS: I also love that we share short-girl status because it makes for so many funny moments!

Interviewer Me: Speaking you have a favorite Maranda-anecdote?

Blogging Me: There are too many to share! For the past few years Maranda and her hubs have been TDY but this means we’ve gotten to have some really righteous adventures to see them. I wish I could list all of the laughs we’ve had along the way, but I think our trip to The Cloisters will be the thing we look back on in two decades and immediately fall out laughing. The Cloisters Museum is a beautiful retreat in the (sorta) middle of a bustling city. Some of the stones that create the cathedral-like space are ancient and there is a specific focus on religious artifacts in certain areas. So, there we were in a hauntingly reverent space, when another visitor enters the worship space and, while gazing at an antique crucifix he, well...he...had a personal moment. A loud one. Reverberatingly so. Our faces immediately swung towards each other, Maranda and I grasped each other close and we fervently prayed our hasty exit would cover the giggles already building. We cleared the room and lost it. You have to love someone who can go from a Jesus-moment to fourteen-year-old humor in the span of one breath – or other bodily function.

Interviewer Me: If you could tell Maranda one thing on her birthday, what would it be?

Blogging Me: Friend, you shine and sparkle more than one of our beloved chandeliers. I don’t exactly know how you embedded yourself so deeply into my heart and days, but I wouldn’t trade it for all the glitter in the world and I am so proud of you...for your bravery, your sincerity, your kindness, and your love. I don’t ever want to stop laughing and adventuring together!


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