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Once upon a podcast...and update

If you'll remember, friendly reader: I am incredibly hip. While I realize the formal announcement of one's hipness does not often bode well for the actualization of said this case such fear is not warranted. How can I be as sure of this as I am of my salvation and shortness?

Well, I am a podcast junkie. I'm so hip, I wrote an entire ode to the subject matter (Read it here if you need reminding. Go ahead, my hipster-self can wait.) last year. Since that (dare I say hip?) post, I've found myself spiraling deeper and deeper into the podcast cult, er...uhm...I mean world. So, I felt today might be a great occasion for a few updates!

Here are some of my new favorites:

I first "met" Annie as part of the IF: Gathering group. I loved her almost instantly. She's as fun as the title of her podcast claims and, through listening to her for the past year or so, I've realized she's so much more. She's deep, she's authentic, she's inviting, she's incredible. She skyrocketed to the top of my podcast play list and I share her with my friend, Rachael now. Rachael is moving to Nashville this month (I'm not talking about it. it's fine.) and I've given her a mission to befriend Annie because...well, that sounds way fun!

Have you listened to The Pop-cast podcast? If so, you're already familiar with the hosts of The Bible Binge who take stories from scripture and narrate like entertainment news. From casting celebrities in the various roles (Dax Shephard as Lot cannot be unimagined) to imagining "modern" emotional responses to the ancient plots, each story seems to become more relevant. Oh, and don't worry - there's a "gentle rebuke" to conclude each episode, during which a divinity expert redirects anything that's gone a bit astray or needs further interpretation. I've binged all the way through their first season!

From On Being (see below), this brand new(ish) podcast centers around movies, complete with sound clips and mood-music. Each week a new guest explains how a specific movie changed them. Even if you haven't seen that week's subject matter, the nimble host will guide you through the plot (without spoiling too much) while drawing out the significance of the experience for the guest. It's beautifully produced and engaging - just like a great movie!

This one is special. Birthed from a group of STORY makers who put on an annual conference, the STORY podcast delivered interviews from giants in the story community - animators, directors, spoken word poets, the list goes on and on. Anyone who crafts story or creates experiences can learn and be inspired. Plus, this group recently launched a five-minute story tip which makes for a perfectly bite-sized snack for your bedtime reads (listens?)!

Confession: I've been listening to this one since my first blog post about podcasts but I hadn't fallen in love with it at that time. I liked it. I'd let it buy me dinner. I'd recommend it on a rainy afternoon, but it wasn't until I road-tripped through amish country with this as my background noise that I realized I needed Krista and her guests in my life on the reg. The cast focuses on the big questions we ask ourselves late at night...what does it mean to be human? How do we want to live and who do we want to be to each other? There's no quip to make about this elevates your listening and your life.

As an avid reader, I was enthralled to discover a resource for new reading suggestions. After listening to "Modern Mrs. Darcy" host a new reader each week, my Amazon cart and library list is long. Very long. Almost book length - long. Guest's identify what type of books they want to read more of, three books they currently love and three books they hate...from there, the conversation can go anywhere and often does but always returns to new suggestions and reading ideas. There's a companion blog to further satisfy your thirst for words. I recommend both!

There you have it, reading're next listening adventures! What podcasts are you loving?

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