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Once upon a time, I rediscovered bagels.

I ate a bagel today. Scratch that...I ate a REAL bagel today. And. I. Loved. It.

Maybe you’re wondering why this is blog-worthy news (unless you’re my mom. Hi, Mom!), but the thing is, that full-flavored, calorie-flaunting bomb of a bagel offered a bit of an, “aha” moment in my soul.

Speaking of calories, that’s how I’d gotten away from REAL bagels before today. I’d cut carbs and reduced my calories to shrink my personal stats. I rarely eat bagels at all, but if I do rotate them through my breakfast routine, I’d carefully purchase the smallest package of “skinny” know the ones that are minuscule and smushed down to the height of a saltine? I’d schmear a miserly teaspoon of low-fat, low-calorie, low-taste cream cheese and pile on fruits or veggies. Gentle Reader, I give you a healthy but boring food experience.

Still, these choices allowed me to zip my jeans without the use of a pulley system. Fine, that’s a lie...I don’t wear jeans. These bland bagel choices would have allowed me the more easily zip them if I wore jeans, but I find flowy dresses or leggings and long tops to be more at one with my pumpkin-shaped body. So, I ate sad bagels without concern.

Until one day...namely, today, when I chanced upon a gigantic, fluffy, pillowy beast of a bagel just begging to be smothered in Honey Almond schmear of the fully loaded variety. What’s a girl to do? I imbibed...I ate the bagel. I regret nothing and I savored each morsel. That’s when I had my “aha!”

So much of life, I run from thing to thing...some good things, some necessary things, some dumb things I like to think are necessary and good. I seem to fill up on quantity of life, even if those life-moments more closely reflect my sad bagel. I’m not saying I should immediately halt life’s more mundane tasks...someone must keep washing those leggings, after all! But maybe my full-flavored bagel was a reminder to lead a full-flavored life, too.

PS: Darling Reader, surely since I learned a lesson from it, the calories are negated this one time, right?

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