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Once upon a time, I zen-ed out...chapter eight.

Just last week I asked myself what sort of craziness I might dive into next with my Zentangle challenge.

Well, I'm really changing things up for my eighth tile. As you may remember, one of the official Zentangle rules is to use a single pen, rather than a variety of nib weights. I find this a challenge as I want to create good contrast between my different thread areas so I have to draw over certain lines many times or resort to the occasional scribble to fill in a void.

For my first seven tiles, I've used a .03 Pigma Micron pen. However, I wanted to spend more time finessing the fine-line skills I first exercised last week so I switched to a .01 Pigma Micron pen. See the difference?

Can you believe my crazy life? (It's possible I'm being a bit sarcastic.)

I can say this...whether I'm using a .03 or a .01 or even a 1 pen width, I will admit to you, Dear Reader, that it is easier to concentrate on threading and form without an internal dialogue about which pen to select for any given pattern, and I can see this holding true for color, as well. That doesn't mean I'm not enough of a rebel to be counting down the days until the challenge is completed and I might "legally" revel in such choices, but for the purpose of true Zentangling, I believe the official process holds merit.

Stay tuned for more crazy...or at least more tiles and a little bit of sass!

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