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Once upon a time, Rae had a birthday.

I have amazing friends. You should meet them, unless you’re one of which case you already know. So, I can’t imagine NOT celebrating some of them here. My friends inspire many of my design pieces and improve all my days. They do important work for me, too. They proof, assess, and cheer for my projects...all while making sure my shoes are on point and I eat enough chocolate. If you have friends like this, you know what a magical deal I’ve got going.

One of my favorite friends is having her birthday this week so I want to tell you a bit about her. I decided to interview myself to get the scoop first-hand:

Interviewer Me: So, how did you meet Rae?

Blogger Me: We met several years ago at a local theatre where we both volunteered. She was a bright, happy spot during the stressful creation process and I wanted to claim her as “mine” right away! Since then, she’s worked with me on stage, back stage, and as part of the creative leadership team for several shows. She’s also put in lots of friend hours...and bravely joined up for countless adventures.

Interviewer Me: She sounds cool. Tell me what you love about this Rae:

Blogger Me: Rae is often thought of as the sweet, smiley one...but I love how she also possesses a fiery, read-headed side, too. She’s the perfect balance of sassy realness and incredible kind-heartedness! She’s super smart...she teaches middle-school theatre (so you know she’s got Rock Star Super Powers) and volunteers at our church. It seems like she’s always looking for ways to help others, and I have often been the beneficiary of her assistance. She makes me laugh and she makes me think and I always feel loved when I think of her.

Interviewer Me: Do you have a favorite Rae-anecdote?

Blogger Me: TOO many to count but to highlight how kind and helpful she is: I was once whining away about something or the other while at work and I pitifully declared I needed a cookie. Not an hour later I was called up to reception where Rae had dropped off cookies and an encouraging card. I still have the card. The cookies...uh...went missing.

Interviewer Me: If you could tell Rae one thing on her birthday, what would it be?

Blogger Me: I love you, Rae. I’m super proud to be your friend and I enjoy our adventures more than I can express. Thank you isn’t enough, but it’s all I have to say how grateful I am for your presence in my life...I hope I impact your heart half as much as you do mine! PS: Let’s eat cookies soon, yes?


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