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Once upon a time, I studied the story of Don Miller.

Back in the 90’s, A Texas-boy road-tripped up to Portland, Oregon to start grown-up life, and then he wrote a book about his journey. Flash-forward a few decades and you'll find that man now standing at the helm of a major life and business coaching corporation as a New York Times Bestselling Author, a successful editor, and a founding director of The Burnside Writers Collective. Don Miller clearly knows how to tell a story.

I’ve loved Don and his books for a while now, drawn in by his idea that faith is not a formula, but a relationship. His writing has a special rhythm to it and I’ve long enjoyed his style. I’m like-wise smitten with his uber-successful podcast, focused on helping people clarify their message to successfully build their business. He calls his podcast Building A Storybrand. So, when I think about a master in the art of story no other name comes to mind quicker than his.

Some of Don’s wisdom includes advice like, “A good story doesn’t happen by accident.” Just like your marketing message, your stories should be clear, with a pre-decided plot. Leave the rambling to road trips, according to Don. He also believes a story is the most powerful tool you can use to connect with other humans and, as much as he scientifically breaks down the elements and path of a proper story, he admits there is much that remains a mystery in the art of its creation.

Don’s great at offering up website take-aways like this eBook and, of course, his podcast is filled with nuggets and news. Check out his website and fan girl over his author page with me!

Next week we’ll open a new chapter as we dive deeper into the structure of story and meet even more fantastic story gurus.

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