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Once upon a time, I folded.

If you know me, you know I can geek out on all things design. Color conversations? I'm there! Typeface factoids, I have them! Design solutions that engage and impact? #Fangirling

Inspired by the sixty-second super-cool fold of the week videos I've previously raved about, I recently set out on a challenge to design a printed piece that would entice its recipients with activity, offer a variety of copy spaces, and fit inside a business envelope. In a world of noise, I needed this piece to stand out, while still being economical to print and deliver. I was in full-on design geek mode!

After assembling the copy and determining the brand hierarchy necessary for the piece, I started to play with sizes and folds that would nicely divide up the text into consumable chunks while subtly reinforcing the brand with the design assets found in the main logo of the piece. In the end, this rolling, angle-fold was the exact solution for my needs.

You can see in the following image how the piece seems almost simple at first, primarily a two-color card with an interesting split. It almost feels like a gate fold.

If someone were to pick it up and flip it over, there is some bold copy offering a quick call to action.

Even more fun though, is when the recipient begins to unwind the piece.

It rolls apart to reveal more detailed copy and re-introduces the cover copy as book-ends.

Working carefully with a printer you trust is key to success here - and I have a fabulous print partner who didn't shy away from my templates and mock ups. Together we refined the angle until the piece folded effortlessly.

Upon receipt, the feedback was this card felt far more enticing than the previous flyer, worked well in person or as a leave behind, and its carefully organized content drew recipients to action.

Design geek win!

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